Your sustainable business starts here

The Planet Mark™ Start! Programme

Our programme will give you a clear understanding of the business benefits of sustainability and how you can access them in your business. We will provide you with the tools, resources and support to take action and ensure your business or business idea is fit for the future.

Stage One

  • See how your business will benefit by being good for society and the environment
  • A three-hour workshop tailored to your business sector and delivered by sustainability experts locally to you. The workshop will help you:
    • Create a Sustainability Plan for your business
    • Put your plan into action
    • Communicate your commitment to sustainability and promote your achievements to benefit your brand and grow your business

Check your business impacts report with The Planet Mark™ Start! Sustainability Tool

What you get

  • Personal report outlining the sustainability impacts of your business
  • 3-hour workshop of expert business sustainability advice
  • Sustainability Plan for your business and supporting toolkits
  • Marketing and communication support

Stage Two

The Planet Mark™ Start! Certificate

  • Following the production of your Sustainability Plan (see Stage One), we can progress to The Planet Mark Start! certification. The certification signifies that you are taking action on sustainability to ensure your business (or business idea) has positive impacts on society and the environment.
  • We review the impacts and actions in your Sustainability Plan and ask for evidence of action. You can do this by contacting us directly to tell us about your actions or by communicate them through social media using videos, photos, policies and evidence of your commitments in action.
  • Your certificate can be awarded in person from one of The Planet Mark certification team and promoted through our social media and business networks to promote your achievements to employees, customers and stakeholders.

What are the benefits of certification?

Being awarded The Planet Mark™ Start! Certificate will show you have completed the programme in full and will demonstrate your commitment to business sustainability to your employees, customers, suppliers and your stakeholders.

You will be able to display your certificate on your website and in public places, knowing it has been awarded to you by a third party of sustainability certification experts and helping you to communicate your commitment to sustainability.

What you get at a glance

The Planet Mark Start! Certificate
  1. You will receive The Planet Mark Start! Certificate and logos to use on your website and marketing materials
  2. Marketing and promotion through our media channels and networks.

Stage Three

Stage Three provides free business sustainability support for small businesses who have completed Stage One and Two of our programme, including:

  • An in-depth 3-hour sustainability workshop run by our business sustainability experts from The Planet Mark™.
  • Detailed advice on how to harness your existing resources to develop your sustainability programme to reduce costs, engage employees and win business

What will you get?

  • Advice and tools on how to start measuring your carbon footprint
  • Advice and resources on how to engage your employees and stakeholders
  • Advice and guidance on how to communicate your achievements effectively.

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What you get at a glance

Organisations certified to The Planet MarkTM are achieving outstanding results. On average, holders of to The Planet MarkTM cut their carbon emissions by 10% per employee per year. This equates to around £100 cost saving per employee per year.

Our expert workshops will help you get the business benefits of sustainability, from cost saving to attracting and retaining customers.

What people have to say about The Planet Mark™ programme

“The Planet Mark™ has helped us save money and also helped us be more competitive,”
– Jason Cotterrell, Commercial Director, Exterion Media

 “Our engagement with The Planet Mark™ has enabled us to really progress in reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more resource efficient along with delivering real cost savings, which all support out sustainability agenda.”
– Paul Cook, New Business Director, Higgins Group

“The Planet Mark™ helps us manage risk and work more transparently, giving our customers confidence.”
– John Glover, CEO, Bywaters

Business benefits of sustainability

Doing the right thing is good for business – and the earlier you integrate sustainability into your business the sooner your will reap the rewards.

Here are some of business benefits of sustainability that any business, whatever its size or stage of development can expect:

  • Winning new business by marketing your sustainability actions and impacts
  • Cost savings through resource and energy efficiencies – from £50-150 per employee per year*
  • Risk management by ensuring your business is fit for the future
  • Engaging your employers through social and environmental actions
  • Attracting talent by showing you are a responsible brand/business
  • Reputational enhancement by showing you are a business that cares.
The Planet Mark Start! Certificate

The Planet Mark Start! Certificate